Why I love it: Botanical No. 02

I'm a guy, and the floral scents we carry aren't for me. It's best to be honest and upfront about these things. What I do like, what stands out for me in our botanical collection are the Clean scents. Sure, I lean hard towards the Woodsy, Musky, and Earthy. However, not every scent fits every location.

If you've ever entered a kitchen and found it to be Musky you know what I mean. If I'm being honest, the kitchen is where I starting this thinking about burning a No. 02. To me, the Blue Basil and Eucalyptus notes really come forward, and make this my second favorite clean scent. While the scent notes break down mentions lemon zest, it's overshadowed by the afore mentioned notes, giving a good clean that isn't lemony, or pine.

This is a shamelessly presented link to the scent I'm talking about. No bones, or obfuscation about it, I'm trying to sell you candles. It remains best to be honest about ones goals.

The other consideration is diameter. This could (and should) be a whole separate post, but right now this only really impacts our botanical collection. The ceramic cups have a 2.75 inch diameter while the glass comes out to 3.375 diameter. What this functionally means is that both glass and tin will have a better ability to fill a room with scent than the ceramic size will. You can also invert that and purchase a ceramic specifically if you're trying to have a softer, and less aggressive throw.

I should note of course, that Sarah is sensitive to fragrance, and as a result our candles have a gentle throw when compared to several other brands. This is by design. We make every effort to produce candles for people who will often self describe as "not liking fragrance" or are "bothered by artificial scents".

I mentioned pine and lemon scents above, I'm not sensitive to scent like Sarah is, but I have definitely walked into a room before and gone "Nope, that's too much floor-cleaner-that-I-wont-name-because-I-don't-want-a-lawsuit for me, thanks, bye." I suspect, everyone has had a similar experience at least once in their life.

We aim not to create those experiences. We strive to make candles without headaches. Finally, as the boss lady has coined as our tagline we aim to be Inspiring moments of Beauty and Joy.

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