My wood wick candle won't stay lit!

My wooden wick candle won't stay lit, HELP! 

This is the subject line of 90% of the customer service emails we get and I get it. You found a scent you liked, in a pretty vessel, bought the candle, brought it home and lit it. The first burn you really enjoyed but when you came back a second time to re-light your candle, the wick caught fire and then slowly the flame diminished until there was hardly any flame left.

While you might think your candle is defective, or be tempted to try and dig around the wick thinking that the wick isn't long enough to create a flame, I can promise you that the solution is SO simple. 


You're probably thinking, but Sarah, the wick is already short and it won't hold a flame, why would trimming it help at all? The simple answer is because it needs fresh wood. 

A wooden wick should be trimmed before each use to about 1/8”. It's going to feel like you're making it too short but all you need to do is pinch off the wick between your fingers and whatever easily breaks off has been already burned and won't wick up fresh wax. 

No special tools needed! 

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