Thank you for your interest in working at Simply Curated.


Production Assistant

       Simply Curated is hiring a Production Assistant! This position is part-time with the potential to grow to a full time position. The main responsibilities of the job are contributing to the team by finishing candles, reheating, labeling, boxing, and prepping for shipping.

       About Simply Curated: We are a small team of three (badass) women, who love to have fun but we take our candles very seriously (duh). We take incredible pride in the product from beginning to end: the design process, the quality components we order and how to source them, creating instagram magic, ensuring that our customers are receiving a high quality candle every time, and motivating ourselves with really exceptional music. The office is bustling, with many things going on at once, intermittent dance breaks, and lots of dynamic hard work. If this sounds like a place you'd like to work...keep reading, and let us know WHY you want to join us!


  • Finishing candles with a heat gun.
  • Labeling and cleaning of candles with aesthetic care. Your attention to detail should be a 13 out of 10.
  • Keeping finished inventory organized and easily accessible for shipping
  • Unloading shipments of materials and raw goods (our raw goods are between 25-50 pounds, so start your pushup regimen).
  • Keeping stock of boxes, labels and other packing materials + notifying the Production Manager of inventory needs.


  • Detail oriented to the max: details aren’t a burden...they motivate you!
  • Strong communication skills: you aren’t afraid to tell us what you need, how things are going, if you’re struggling, when you’re taking a lunch. We are giving you permission to run your mouth...respectfully.
  • Physical strength - lifting boxes up to 50 lbs, standing on your feet for 7-8 hours a day (get some good shoes).
  • Positive energy. We are excited to be here, you should be too.
  • Self-motivated to perform well. You believe in YOU.
  • Ability to take direction: you not only listen, but receive.
  • Strong problem-solving skills + motivation: you see something that needs to get done, and you hop up and do it.
  • Ability to learn quickly + adaptability: Our reality in small business is that things are changing constantly and will shift at a moment's notice. That should sound exciting to you, not like chaos.
  • Collaborative: You love working together and offering insight.
  • Ability to perform well under pressure in a fast-paced environment. You are motivated by deadlines and love to cross things off your list.
  • Ability to maintain focus while performing repetitive tasks for long periods of time. You can rock out to music and stock our shelves with shimmering candles without turning into a grumpy zombie. Breaks for tea and yoga are encouraged.

       Previous candle making experience is not required, however experience in food preparation, service industry, or other manual labor positions is ideal.


      Tell us why you would be amazing for this job by sending an email to us at and include “JOB INQUIRY – PRODUCTION ASSISTANT” in the subject line. Please attach a resume when you email and write a blurb about yourself! Social media links are encouraged and welcome!