Travel Candle - Botanical Collection No. 06

The Dark Edition of our Botanical Collection was inspired by our desire to expand our Botanical Collection with moody, deep, and complex fragrances. 

The fragrances were developed by expert perfumers and the original drawing for each fragrance was designed by artist Esther Clark. 

No. 06

top notes

Crushed Ginger, Bergamot, and Red Berries

heart notes

Cardamom, Rose Petals, and Clove Leaf

base notes

Palo Santo, Cedarwood, and Black Amber

3.5 oz.

15 hour burn time

Customer Reviews

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Best candle ever!

My friend gifted me this travel candle and I immediately fell in love! I was able to bring it with me on a meaningful solo-trip, and now I associate the scent with those happy memories. I came home and bought 3 more candles and they are all well-made and beautiful.